Is Mi Smart Band 4 the best fitness band?

One of the best tech gadgets you can have if you are a fitness enthusiast is a fitness band. It's comfortable and sporty unlike those bulky watches. These fitness bands are small in size but they pack a whole lot of features! It's similar to having a mini smartphone on your wrist. Almost all the necessary utility functions can be done using a fitness band. You can record your daily steps, play music when you workout, heart rate monitor, reply to text messages and some even have the feature of answering calls. Not only these bands give you all these features, they help you with your workouts. These bands have a variety of workout modes based on your mood which include cycling, walking, yoga, running, gym workout, skipping and many more. Also the fact that these bands have their own mobile apps where you can track all your fitness stats and being honest it's quite impressive with the amount of information these bands show.

With so many bands available in the market where each have their own pros and cons, it becomes difficult to decide where we should spend our money. This fitness band is hands down currently the best in the market for a budget friendly price range.

It's the Mi Smart Band 4!

Honestly, the best fitness band you can have in a budget price range. This band is dominating the fitness bands market with its amazing features and affordable price.

Mi band 4 has a 0.95 inches color AMOLED display. It is water resistant up to 50m!

It has a long battery life of up to 20 days, so you can get all your workouts and running hours done with no problems. It has a 24/7 heart monitoring sensor so you can check on heart rate and also provides heart rate charts, idle alerts, resting heart rate and much more!

And of course if you're working out and you don't have music playing then it's definitely a no go. So this band provides you with all the music and volume controls. It has a lot of watch faces so you can style your watch the way you want and feel. It has a few band choices which can add more to your style.

It has a wrist alarm feature where it vibrates slightly and wakes you up so you don't miss your morning run. It also has a sleep monitoring feature where you get to monitor your sleep - quality of sleep, sleep analysis and also the heart rate during your sleep cycles. All these analysis and stats, you can easily check on your Mi Fit app.

Mi band 4 has 6 workout modes - Treadmill, exercise, cycling, running, walking and pool swimming. This band allows you to count your steps and calories burned. So you can set your fitness goals and achieve them more quickly and efficiently!

This band does the job of your smartphone as well. It acts as a mini smartphone. It gives you the ability to view messages and answer or reject calls on the go. It also shows your in app notifications so you don't miss any important notifications. Other features include event reminder, phone locator and even unlocking your phone via this band is possible!

The Mi Smart Band 4 does have a few rivals but they don't provide the same features in this price point.

Mi Smart Band 4 is available on the Mi Store for Rs 2,299/-

It's also available on Flipkart and Amazon!

Get your hands on this amazing fitness band which can assist you in reaching your fitness goals! Definitely a perfect fitness assistant to have along with you all the time.

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