Five Ways to Improvise Your Maggi/Yippee Noodles

Spicy Fried Yippee

1) First chop the onions, green chillies and vegetables like peas, beans, cauliflower, capsicum, carrots (cabbage is optional). Then fry it fry it well in oil.

2) Put one and a half cups water in it (for one packet Yippee noodles).

3) Put in the Yippee noodles.

4) Pour the Yippee masala in it.

5) Now put some tomato sauce, soya sauce, green chilli sauce and vinegar in it. This will create a delicious taste. You can also add a little black pepper powder to enhance the taste.

6) Cook it for 2-5 minutes. Your spicy fried Yippee noodles is ready to be served.

Chinese Maggi

1) Boil the noodles in water till its 80% boiled. Then drain the water and pour some cold water and drain it. This will remove the excess starch which makes the Maggi sticky. Pour some oil and mix it well so that the noodles become even less sticky, quite like chowmein noodles.

2) Keep a pan in very high flame. Pour some oil. Put finely cut garlic and green chillies and chopped onions and roast them in the oil.

3) Pour chopped vegetables like carrot, capsicum and cabbage. Toss it well. Fry it well.

4) When the vegetables are quite fried, pour Maggi noodles and then Maggi masala.

5) Then pour some soya sauce, vinegar and spicy red chilli sauce. Pour some black pepper powder and some salt.

6) Toss these and mix them up well. And your Chines Maggi is ready to be served hot.

Chilli Maggi

1) Put a pan on a high flame. Put some cooking oil in it.

2) Put some chopped garlic and roast it well.

3) Put some chopped tomatoes in it and cook it well.

4) Put some chopped green chillies and continue frying.

5) Put a little water and cook it well. Then put some Kashmiri Mirch powder in it now.

6) After cooking well, put some onions, capsicum and corn and roast it a little.

7) Pour some red chilli sauce and tomato sauce.

8) Now pour one and a half cups of water in it now (for one packet Maggi noodles).

9) Let the water boil. Then put the Maggi noodles in it. Then put in the Maggi masala that comes with it. Cook it and mix it well.

10) You can make it dry by cooking it longer. The Chilli Maggi is ready to be served.

Cheese Maggi

1) Put a pan on a flame. Pour some butter and then a little oil.

2) Now put some chopped garlic in it.

3) A little later put in the chopped onions. Fry it well.

4) Put chopped capsicum and toss it a bit. Then put in other veggies like chopped carrots, olives and corn. Toss these for a couple of minutes.

5) Pour in one and a half cups of milk (instead of the water in the earlier types, for one packet Maggi noodles).

6) Put a grated processed cheese cube in it.

7) After the grated processed cheese melts, it in the Maggi noodles.

8) Now put some dried dried oregano and dried basil.

9) Then put in black pepper powder, red chilli flakes and a little salt to taste.

10) Now put in the Maggi masala and mix it well. Cook it for a couple of minutes.

11) Put some Mozzarella cheese in the end and during serving. Your Cheese Maggi is ready.

Biryani Maggi

1) Put some oil on a pan. Put some Jeera in it.

2) Put two dried red chillies and a Tej Patta.

3) Put sliced onions and fry it till it becomes a golden brown colour.

4) When the onions are a little brown, put chopped green chillies in it. Then pour some ginger and garlic paste.

5) Then put in chopped capsicums and peas.

6) Now put some boiled soya chunks (preferably cut into small pieces).

7) Put two tablespoon of curd.

8) Now put some turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder.

9) Now put some kasuri methi, half tablespoon of salt and half tablespoon of Biryani masala.

10) Now mix these well and cook it for two minutes.

11) Now put in one and a half cups of water to boil (for one packet Maggi noodles).

12) Now add Maggi Masala to it.

13) Now put a little Kewra water.

14) Now put in the Maggi noodles.

15) Put some chopped coriander leaves and cook it well. Then you are ready to serve it.

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