Janmashtami in College

Janmashtami Celebration in College:

Lord Krishna considered as the 8th incarnation of  Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna was born at Mathura in mid night. In Janmashtami celebration devotees do fast for the whole day and at mid night after Krishna's birth they wash the statues of baby Krishna and clothing those statues and put it into a cradle. After that they break their fast by sharing and eating food and sweets.

Celebration in College Hostel:

Krishna Janmashtami celebration is the one of the most amazing celebration in college. The preparation for Janmashtami celebration starts before one or two weeks. Their are some clubs are formed such as decoration club, singing club, dance club, and so on to make this event so beautiful and keep night vigil. Teachers are also help in these preparations.

Preparation for Janmashtami Celebration:

Decoration Club : Students of decoration club make posters, paintings and some props of Krishna and decorate the whole college and hostel with all these things. 

Singing Club : Students of singing club start preparing for singing of devotional songs of lord Krishna.

Dance Club : Students of dance club prepares solo and group dance performance on songs that are related to lord Krishna.

Short Plays : Short plays are also prepared by students to depict the childhood pranks of Krishna or Radha-Krishna love story. 

At The Day Of Janmashtami Celebration:

At the day of Janmashtami celebration some students put fast for whole day. At the evening they wear traditional clothes. Some of the students dress up like radha and krishna. Some boys try to impress girls by act as Krishna. Some girls also tries to impress boys by dressing well and with touch ups.

All the hostlers are gathered into ground and celebration starts after some time. The songs related Krishna are plays on loud speakers and whole the college and hostel looks like a heaven at night.

There is too much peace in everyone's heart and the music will took attention of all people. The celebration starts and the anchoring, singing, dancing, short plays, etc attracts people towards them.

Also there is a dahi handi celebration in which one student become Krishna and with some friends he/she break the pot which is filled with yogurt is hung high up, sometimes with tall poles or from ropes hanging from the second level of building. 

After these events, there is DJ night for all the students and that is most enjoyable part of whole event. At the mid hour, all the hostlers worship lord Krishna, the statue of baby Krishna will be washed and new clothes will put on Krishna's statue. Then the statue will put into cradle and everyone move that cradle gently one by one.

Everyone make wishes for their good fortune, for their family, for their Radha or Krishna. After that all of them eat food and sweets and enjoy the DJ night.

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