Vintage Cars- A Walk Through Time

They say that Vintage cars always remain in our hearts because of the feel that they give and because of their antique look. Let’s start our journey by entering in the Vintage car age and by understanding that when does a car become a Vintage car. As a general rule of thumb, a car that was built before the year 1930 is considered to be a Vintage car. Vintage cars are said to be very early cars and they are said to be built in the Brass Era- An era where people working in the automobile industry used the brass fittings as the lights and the radiators probably built between the years 1896 to 1915.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the old and royal vintage cars.

Mercedes Benz, 300 SL 1955-1963

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This car is considered to be a classic sports car with 2996c engine power and it became a real racing car that won two competitions in 1952. It was considered to be a perfect 2 door classic car for a couple to go on a beautiful drive.

Volkswagen 1200 Cabriolet (1960)

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Volkswagen Beetle is an amazing convertible car and it became very popular during the year 1960 which was almost 11 years after its production started. It faced very serious competition from American brands but it was still successful in getting sold out.

Fiat 500 (1969)

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The model which is shown in the image is the small city car and also the most interesting innovation of those times as it was also known by the name of a Beach car. This is a 2 door 4 seater car and it became very famous because of its low price and that was the reason it was also named as little town car.

Despite of the fact that modern cars are considered to be more fast, economical, more reliable, safer, cleaner and more comfortable, people still love vintage and classic cars. Vintage cars and classic cars not only exist but they have captured a thriving market these days. The next question that follows is why?

We will start answering this question by considering a combination of factors where each factor plays an important role.

First, the modern car designers today use computer based software to design the cars. The uniqueness of a Vintage car lies in the design of the car. Vintage and Classic cars were created in a world where pencils and papers were used by the designers to create very elegant and rich designs which would have not been possible to make using computer based software. The designs of the Vintage cars are so beautiful that they have a direct influence on the form of the car. The shapes used in the body work of the classic cars are so unique that it is not possible for the modern designers today to create such shapes.

The modern car production techniques performed these days is largely responsible for removing the character from the new cars. There are robots placed on the production lines that are responsible for producing identical mass production parts 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Meeting the targets that are set by the car manufacturers and to gain maximum shareholder profit is the only thing that the modern production companies are focused on.

On the other hand, the processes involved in making Vintage and Classic cars’ production was a manual process in which the designers used very simple tools and they created the panels by eye and by hand.

Second, we talk about the mechanical aspects which are also quite different. The systems that are used by the modern cars are definitely designed to improve the efficiency of the car but they are a sealed unit. Most of the components of the modern car are unserviceable by an average person, the reason being they are controlled by a central electronic brain whose job is to simply take the inputs from the driver and perform accordingly. These systems often steal the feel and the character of the car.

The older machines on the other hand consisted of balanced mechanical systems which had hundreds of individual parts and the parts are tuned so well that all of them work in harmony which makes them a real deal. The driver receives unfiltered and direct feedback through the controls which makes him a direct extension to the machine. The above factors lead to a very authentic and unique experience which shall not be possible with the modern cars.

The third reason is the factor of individualism. With the facilities of cheap credit and easy finance available these days it has become very easy to own a new car. Vintage cars on the other hand have a very limited supply as they are no longer in production which gives them the tag of exclusivity. If today, you want a Vintage car no money can buy you one. You will have to find someone who is willing to sell their Vintage car which makes it a very unique and personalised experience.

With improved technology and modern production techniques new cars are likely to get better with each passing year. The car which is at present parked in your garage since last 2 years is very much likely to be outclassed with the new models that will keep on arriving.

On the other side classic and vintage cars compete altogether on a very different level. The factors of their competition does not include efficiency and speed as found in modern cars today, but they focus more on the unique and personalised experience, the style and design of the car, exclusivity, and the manual effort that goes in the making of these cars, all of the above factors are considered to be universal and timeless. Not only car lovers are a big fan of the classic vintage cars but also engineering, art, history and design enthusiasts. As long as the vintage classic cars exist, people will always love those cars as those are the ones made with the labour of love.

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