Teachers in College

Teachers in College Life

When our subject teacher is absent or busy in doing some other work and not able to take class then our faces bloom like a flower. This time we feel real freedom but when we are making noise and doing fun in classroom in a free lecture, then suddenly a teacher comes and says " Why are you people making too much noise, if your lecture is free than I will take it as arrangement lecture" is the moment at which our freedom is totally taken out.Than we have to sit silent and we have nothing to do. 

But there are some teachers who make us laugh, crack jokes, and make whole class their fan. Some teachers are so boring and more than half asleep in their class. Even some teachers no let us sleep or not let our head down so the only option in their class is to sit properly otherwise go outside from class.

Some teachers try to be funny, they crack jokes but those jokes are so much lame that they leads us to groans. Some teachers are too much attractive so we just attend class to see them. And some teachers always give lecture about ethics, human values, and so on every time.

Types of teachers:

1. Motivators: 

There is always one teacher who always motivate you about your life. He/She is more concern about your life more than you. That teacher always tell you motivational stories. Even that teacher is more interested in motivating you rather than teaching you.

2. Always Right:

There are some teachers who doesn't teach so well but always says " You people don't deserve to be taught well. You are not focused on your studies. I am the one who always try my best to make this subject easier to you so you don't face any problem in your exam, but you guys never try to put any of your effort. So I will also not do too much effort. Your section is worst section I ever meet in my teaching life ". But then you get to know that this is the common line that your teacher say to every batch. Your seniors also go through this.

3. Always Concentrate on Ethics:

You will meet a teacher in your college life who always talk about ethics and human values. That teacher always teach you to be a good human, an obedient student, to respect others, be kind, be an ideal person.

4. Dictator:

You occasionally or never see this teacher with a smiling face. This teacher comes to your classroom and then there is pin drop silence in your class. You can only talk to this teacher about studies and he/she always teach the class with anger. This teacher taught his/her subject so well. 

5. Who Always Crack Lame jokes:

This teacher act as so funny or always try to be the friend of class and always crack too much lame jokes to make class laugh. Students may feel dizzy by his/her lame jokes but act to laugh. The students in his/her class always check time so he/she can leave the class and they can take some breath. But that teacher always think that his/her sense of humor is so good.

6. Everyone's Crush:

There is always a female teacher who is always crush of too many boys and a male teacher who is crush of many girls. Some student may attend the class just to see them. They always stare at them in whole the lecture. Some students tries to impress them by always giving answers in their lecture or by praising them. Even some students propose them also. Sometimes they get answer "yes" form that teacher for their proposal.

7. Who is Older than College itself:

There is also a teacher who taught some of your teachers. That teacher was working in college since you were not born. That teacher is too much experienced and whenever he/she come in your class than start telling his/her stories that how they have taught some of your faculties, they will tell you about old batches and continuously talk in whole lecture.

8. Everyone's Favorite:

There is also a teacher exits who is favorite of most or all of the students. That teacher knows when to be strict, when to be friendly, when to be serious and also teach with fun. His/Her teaching style is so good and no one get bored in his/her class.

These memories in classroom with teachers are so good and unforgettable. We also make nicknames of teachers. We miss these after when we complete our graduation.

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