Relationships in Engineering Life

Relationships in Engineering Life:

After entering in a college life, most of the people or we can say everyone  wants a partner who can understand their feelings, who can support them, with whom a person can share all of their problems, who always stay with them.

So people go in a relationship, so that both of them can take care of each other. But to get a partner who always take care of you and you also be with him/her is not easy.

There are many types of relationships in college life. Some of them are last long for years, or forever. Whereas some of them ends in only some days or months. Being in a relationship with the person you like is one of the most happiest moment of life but breaking up of a relationship causes mental disturbance, stress and depression also.


Some times the foundation of a relationships are only infatuation or just an affection. As soon as the affection ends then you will start feeling like suffocation in that relationship.

Then you want to be alone or with your friends rather than your partner and you start avoiding him/her. This leads to hurt your partner feelings and later on this relationship ends up.

Physical Appearance:

If you like a someone only by their physical appearance and goes in a relationship with them then there is no feeling of care, support, that is only just like a lust. You may just want to be physical with your partner and after being physical you have no interest in them.  And this also ends with a breakup.

Money and Care:

Some people think to find a Gf/Bf having good bank balance so they can easily spend a lot of money for those things they want to do. This is really too see someone as a ATM card and use him/her for your purpose.

Some people care too much for their partners, ignore others, so sometimes their partner starts taking them as granted. 

Toxic Relationship:

In toxic relationship one or both people are emotionally moved on from each other. If you fight for your partner to stay in relationship or be the person like you before  are useless.

It is not easy to leave a toxic relationship but if you stay in it you will always get hurt both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fighting for your loved ones is good but if you fight for that person who have ruined you will only damage you. So it is good to move on rather than staying in a toxic relationship.

There are some signs of being in a toxic relationship:-

1. You feel bad at all time. When to look at other couples happy it make you feel lonely.
2. You avoid saying what you need because there's just no point of saying it.
3. There is no effort from your partner to love you or spend time with you.
4. All the efforts, work, love and compromises comes from you.
5. A score card to show that you are wrong.
6. There is always a battle between you and your partner.
7. Physical or verbal abuse or both.
8. Too much aggression.
9. Whether you are in need some private time but if your              partner doesn't trust you, it leads to a toxic relationship.
10. Lacking of trust on each other.

Being in a toxic relationship is not good so try to move on and let the things go that doesn't want to stay.

Healthy Relationship:

These relationships continues for a long time. In these relationship you love and care about your partner truly as well as they also care for you. There are no too much restrictions. Both of you are not too much possessive for each other.

You love each other as you really are, you don't want to change each other according to you. You don't say to leave your friends for you. You always respect each others opinion whether you agree or disagree with it. If you don't like something then you can easily say no for that. There is a feeling of wanted. Both of you put effort for each other and have a great mutual understanding. You can share all of your problem with your partner. 

The conclusion of whole the thing is that a relationship can be good by the combined effort of both people. Nobody can hold a relationship together when there is only one person doing all the efforts. And only affection towards each other cannot lead a successful relationship.

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