Easy & Unique Bread Recipes to Try

Hey there, we see you are fed up having the same pale food. You want to try something new but you are less in ingredients (due to quarantine) and can’t spend much time, since you have to invest more time in your work-at-home schedule.

In that case, you have come to the right place. For those who want to try self-cooked tasty meals, we have brought the list of delicious and quick to chef foods.

Hope you will like it.


1. Caramel Bread Popcorn

It is an excellent evening-snack and a brilliant substitute of “real popcorn”. It is easy and hassle-free which normally takes 10-15 minutes. Let’s get started with the ingredients:



            3 slices                                                 Bread

            4 tsp                                                    Sugar

            3 tbsp                                                  Butter

            1/2 cup                                                Milk 


a.         Cut the BREAD slices into long stripes and then cut those into small pieces. A piece would look a cube.

            We do not need the crust.

b.         Ready the pan! Turn it into low-heat flame. Now, roast the BREAD-CUBES until it becomes crispy.

            Remove the bread crumbs produce from the pan. Also, set aside the BREAD-CUBES.

c.         In the pan (in low-heat flame) add SUGAR. Pour 3 tsp WATER over it. DO NOT STIR IT! Let it boil (bubbles will cover the pan).

d.         Now add the BUTTER. DO NOT STIR IT! Let it melt.

e.         Add MILK. Stir it lightly. Also raise the heat into medium-heat flame. Let it boil.

            Stir it till it shows the syrup consistency (upto 3 min.).

f.          Now add the roasted BREAD-CUBES. And, mix it lightly for 2 min.

g.         Put it on a flat surface and separate each CUBE one by one and let it cool down.

BAM! Caramel Bread Popcorn is ready. Enjoy it with a hot stemming cup of coffee, binging Netflix.


2. Easy French toast

It is one of a very handy, easy and fast to prepare snack. My mother use to make it every time when some unannounced guests come.



            7 slices                                                 Bread

            3                                                           Eggs

            Oil & Butter (to fry)


a.         Cut the BREAD slices into half.

b.         In a bowl, crack 3 EGGS and add a little salt for taste. Beat it thoroughly.

c.         Ready the pan! Turn it into low-heat flame. Pour cooking OIL or grease the pan with BUTTER.

d.         Soak the pieces of BREAD in the EGG-MIX.

e.         Put the EGG soaked BREADS in the hot oil, flip the sides and cook till both sides are golden.

            Be careful, DO NOT OVERCOOK!

VOILA! French toast is ready to eat. It goes well with ketchup and hot tea. And if your friends come unannounced, this is the snack you try to show off your cooking.


3. Garlic Bread

Do you yearn for the GARLIC BREADS available in pizza outlets? Here is the way you can actually make in home, with much less items. We think it is an excellent replacement of pakoras.



            3 slices                                                Bread

            2 tbsp                                                  Butter (or, olive oil)

            4 tsp                                                    Garlic (finely minced)

            4 tsp                                                    Coriander (minced)


a.         Cut the BREAD slices into long stripes.

            We do not need the crusts.

b.         In a bowl mix the minced GARLIC, minced CORIANDER and BUTTER or OLIVE OIL.

            If you have OREGANO and CHILLI FLAKES packs (leftover from pizza outlets) you can also use them with coriander in the GARLIC-MIX.

            You can add salt for taste.

c.         Apply the GARLIC-PASTE on one the either side of the bread, generously.

d.         Ready the pan! Turn it into low-heat flame. Put the GARIC-MIX soaked bread one by one on the pan.

e.         Roast both sides till they are golden.

Garlic Breads are DONE! Enjoy them in the monsoon, reading a book.


4. Bread Crust Churros

So, you have some leftover BREAD-CRUSTS from making CARAMEL BREAD POPCORN and GARLIC BREAD. And maybe you like your sandwich without the CRUST. Are you going to throw them? STOP! You do not know what the waste (you think) will turn after you do the following process.

The major ingredient which you want is lots and lots of BREAD-CRUSTS. So stock the BREAD-CRUSTS for a very long time in air tight packet or container.



            70+ pieces                                           Bread crust

            3 tbsp                                                  Sugar

            Oil & Butter (to deep fry)


a.         Ready the pan! Turn it into medium-heat flame. Pour a half of the pan OIL for deep fry.

            Wait till the OIL is hot.

b.         Put the BREAD CRUSTS in the hot OIL and fry and flip them occasionally.

c.         Once they are nice brown, let them sit on tissue paper, so it can suck up the excess OIL.

d.         Now place every FRIED CRUSTS inside a plastic bag, with SUGAR (, CINNAMOM POWDER and COCOA POWDER, if you have).

e.         Close the bag and shake it well.

BEHOLD! Bread Crusts Churros are ready to chomp on. We could finish the batch in one sitting. You can make the Churros and store them for later. Dip it in hot-chocolate for a greater punch of sweetness.

At the present time, thanks to Corona Virus, you do not trust ordering food from outside. So, we hope the above recipes will satisfy your cravings for snacks, which are actually wholesome. Get ready to receive appreciations from your friends and colleagues.

We hope these 4 Bread recipes, with the household items, would treat your taste buds as well as save your time.

Enjoy food, enjoy cooking!

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