Biggest problem in PANDEMIC!!!!!!!

Recent times have been hard for almost everyone and even harder for many. We were not prepared for this covid-19 pandemic. Circumstances hit with great force with their absolute damage. At one side, people faced financial crisis and health hazards whereas the organizations and countries were also hit by economic losses at a very large scale.

In India, the state of affairs for the people from all the walks of life be it a poor or middle class was too tough. We had seen events that we haven’t even imagined in our worst nightmares.

Afterlife is too far, but hell has been witnessed be many people in these days. For example, the case of migrant workers problem, increase in violence against Dalit, increase in rape cases, gas leaks from factories, etcetera and many unrecorded events too.

It is not the first time that mankind has encountered such crisis. But this time there is an even graded problem running behind the screens that is also remarkably dangerous. And that is MENTAL HEALTH. Until we realize this issue as serious as it is, it may increase to the greatest damage that it can cost.


Depression and anxiety both are evident to prove the existence of this problem. And the damage it is more resulting in the domestic violence and in worse case, suicide.


What could possibly be a reason for this. Well... there can be many. Maybe that is due to the tension that the situations are causing. But, for mankind, problems are not new. It is a way how mankind advanced in its technologies and intellects. Fighting the situations, the trials and tribulations. Trials and errors are still the spiritual features of human’s description.


So, what is that the humankind needs in these tough times to keep it going, to look further, and to have faith in the future?


In my view, the thing that we are lacking or losing is HOPE.

So lets know what hope IS.

As far as the definition is concerned, dictionary defines it as a

Noun- a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

Archaic- a feeling of trust.

Hope is the opposite of despair.

Despair is the reason that makes a man feel helpless and makes it easy for him to fall prey to depression and mental issues inn tough situation.

In my view, hope was never meant to be so simple, rather it had to be integrated with courage.

We always look beyond today into tomorrow to imagine this HOPE. We actually want to avoid today’s scenarios so that we feel better. But let me tell you that, in reality ,hope is bound with courage to see today with love and life in it. Being content by counting the blessings we have. And finally gratitude really helps.

Hope is so important that we can’t just ignore it. Nature answers all the queries of human regarding his existence and contains enormous examples to find solution to every problem of human.  For instance, let’s consider the example of a bird or any animal. Unlike humans, birds and other living being do not store their provisions for future use. They never carry a bag of water to drink. Just for a second, ponder over a situation of a mother-bird that resides in the nest. It has no provisions for her own self. But it comes out of its nest and searches for something of the provisions in nature. By the time, it returns back to the nest. We can see it has already had its stomach full and there are provisions in her beak such as food that it is carrying for its newly hatched babies.

What we’ve got to look in this example is what has made the bird be so optimistic to go after the food everyday rather than storing it.

Its hope. Hope may not provide insights into the future. But it can keep motivated and optimistic to believe in present as well as future.

And say to ourselves “count your blessings, dear” and “the good is yet to come”

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Mohammed Aleemullah

By Blogger