Telangana does a KFC: Kills Fake Coronavirus news. With chicken feast. Yum.

The chunks of chicken obscured their grins, but their cheeks glowed and their eyes beamed. Clearly, they weren't worried about coronavirus infections.

And nor should anyone else be -- that was precisely the point. For by munching on chicken legs at a Hyderabad event on Friday, ANI reports, Telangana ministers like KT Rama Rao were trying to allay fears that eating chicken or eggs puts one at risk of Covid-19, the disase caused by the novel coronavirus.

But here's a caveat: it's important for the public to exercise caution while handling and cooking food. Keep in mind WHO-recommended precautions such as using different cutting equipment for raw meat and cooked food, and cooking meat products thoroughly. You can read more here.

The news strain of coronavirus was first detected in a cluster of mysterious pneumonia cases linked to a seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China, and has now spread rapidly to nearly every continent and raised fears of a pandemic.

Most of the 2,900-odd deaths have been reported in China, but there are now worrying outbreaks in a number of other countries like Iran and South Korea.

India reported three positive cases in Kerala and later said all patients were discharged.

As well, as many as 16 Indian crew members of the cruise ship Diamond Princess have also been infected; they are receiving treatment in Japan.

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